Conterra Energy Royalties 3-6N-9E Hughes County

So my husband and I received a couple of checks in the mail along with a W-9 to fill out and a letter of explanation. We knew nothing of Conterra energy or even that we had mineral rights in the area they specified in the letter. I have tried calling the phone number and also other phone numbers on the web and no one is answering the phone so I can ask questions. I’ve left messages and now it has been almost two months. I need to know if it is okay to cash these checks and if this is a legitimate thing before I go sending them a w-9 with all our information on it. I’m beginning to think it is all a scam to get our SSN because I can’t seem to talk to a human, only voice mail. Any advice?

We would need your section, township and range or abstract to be able to tell you if a well was actually drilled and to give you some more background before you sign it. Also add your county and state.

Well name: Beth 0310-1hx section 3 township 6 north, range 9 East, hughes county ok.

Moved it over to Hughes County for you.

I think you have been pooled. So they are trying to pay you the pooling bonus. Look up 201703615 in the OCC OAP case dockets. See if you recognize a relative’s name on there.

There are two wells planned from a surface location in Section 3. One will go south into 3 and 10. It will be called the Beth 0310-1HXR. The other one is the JOSH 0409-1HX which will be in 4 and 9. You won’t get paid on that one unless you have minerals there.

Look up 201703614 and see if you don’t recognize someone in section 3. That might be how they found you.

Looks the Beth well may have had some trouble so the new name is Beth 0310-1HXR and it is probably ready to pay out. It is listed as active on the OK tax site, but no completion report yet. Did you get a Division Order yet?

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What number are you dialing?

It is not a phone number, it is a case number in the OCC Case Dockets area.

I understand that. My reply was meant to be directed to the OP, QueenBazi. I can get her in touch with someone. Sorry.

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the phone number they gave me is 918 615 0418 name on the paper is Cassie Mitchell

I found it, and a familiar Surname but I don’t know of any relation between us and them. I guess I just need to find a way to get in contact with Corterra somehow and let them know the mistake. She has the same last name as us but as far as I know there is no relation.

Ask Corterra for a copy of the paragraph from the title opinion that grants you clear title “so that you can put it in your records”. Sometimes, they find lost people and sometimes, they are just wrong. You can contact the attorney on the case I sent you and request it. Always use return receipt certified mail, so you have a paper trail.