Contemplating selling minerals across Texas and Oklahoma

Curious if people are getting high offers to sell, or if they are still drastically less than a few years ago?

Also, anyone worked with any good companies or landmen? Looking to liquidate and possibly reinvest elsewhere? If you know of any good people to work with and help me do that, please reach out!



Hilltop Royalties is a forum approved advertiser. I contacted Hilltop, and have been very impressed with the professionalism and expert information one of its principal's afforded me. I was not pressured to sell. It is a very gentlemanly outfit which I am pleased to highly recommend.

It really depends on where the minerals are in these states. Some counties the value has risen 10 fold, even with the depressed commodity prices. Some have turned into complete goat pasture for the time being. Educate yourself, before you reach out and trust someone to do the thinking for you.