Contango Resources

In the fall of 2021 Contango Resources acquired the leases of FDL Operating. To date they have failed to make payments for February 2022 production in Gaines County, Texas. Is anyone else experiencing problems with Contango payments?

Payments are typically 2 months behind the production month. Wait until the end of this month. If no payment get in touch with Contango. They were recently reorganized as well.

We have 3 wells in Garfield county Oklahoma operated by Contango. Our last payment received was in February for production in November 2021. So my question is how many months can they get behind before interest is owed? Have tried contacting Contango through phone and email, but no response. If no payment is received this month they will be 5 months behind. Should i contact my lawyer? All 3 wells are producing plenty to be well above the $100 minimum. The tax commission shows production up to January 2022. 36-23N-05W thanks ahead of time for any thoughts or opinions

Unfortunately phone calls & e-mails are very easy to go unanswered. No need for a lawyer at this point, IMHO. If you are antsy for the $$$, send them a certified letter, return receipt stating you want to be paid. Include in your letter that as per Oklahoma Statute 52 OS § 570.10 (A), you want to be paid when revenue accumulates to $25.00 or greater. That way you have proof they received your request, should you feel the need to get a lawyer involved down the road. For what its worth, I just received notice today of their payment made in March. I use direct deposit. Good Luck.

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Similar in Texas. Through their operator we received a boilerplate letter stating technical difficulties prevent them from sharing production details. Other than this letter and an initial letter about direct deposit instructions they’ve sent nothing.

I did not receive a check from them in January or March. This month I received 3 along with a letter stating there had been some technical issues.

I received my regular check today so maybe they have worked out some of the issues. I did request DD in January and twice since then but continue to receive paper checks.