Contacting Oil Companies

Several cousins own mineral rights to Bottineau County, Township 162 North, Range 74 West. Section 26 and Section 34. None of us are in North Dakota. How can we learn if there is any interest in our property for drilling?

You can look on the North Dakota oil and gas website and find the activity.

This map shows your minerals in red in relation to the nearest activity. Unfortunately, your tracts are going to be too far east to have much potential. You are almost completely out of the Williston Basin. There were a few dry holes drilled in your area back in the 1950’s before the Basin was as well understood as it is today, but no production was ever established…

The nearest Bakken wells are 90 miles west of you at the left most part of this map. The nearest production to you is about 20 miles to your west, where Crescent Point Energy has drilled some wells to the Spearfish formation. You could try contacting them, but truthfully, I don’t think you will find much interest in your location.

Sorry, I wish I could be more encouraging.

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I’m from Bottineau County and unfortunately there isn’t any oil and gas activity that far east and south.

But not to say it couldn’t happen again someday. In the 2000s there was a lease play all the way east to Rolette County. But no wells were drilled.