Contact ExxonMobil for grandfathers distribution


I recently searched the Texas Comptroller for an unclaimed property of my recently deceased father. To my surprise I found a few items under my grandfathers name too. One of which is Exxon Mobile mineral rights distribution in 2010. I have searched and searched the Internet looking for a way to contact them as the Texas Comptroller requires a copy of the division order (along with positive id info) in order to give it to me.

Any clues or info on contacting Exxon/Mobile would be greatly appreciated.


Exxon Mobile Owner Relations hotline:

1-800-469-6468 Option 2

Or better yet, use their email and explain your situation.

I thought I had tried the email listed but now that I look at it… the site I got it from has the “user” part (before the @) flip flopped!! Grrrr!


Will try this.

that happened to me in 2012 - only the comptroller can help - Exxon gave the money to them.