Consultant Help in Pacos

Recently I was able to prove royalty rights to a producing well in Winkler County. An ancestor purchased the rights in the early 1800’s. She also purchased rights to seven additional Section/Blocks in Pacos County. Before going through the process/expense to prove ownership to the rights, is there a service available to determine if there is any activity either on-going or planned on these sites?

Well somebody here can tell you if there is any ongoing activity if you provide location details. I doubt anyone (outside the operator) can tell you what is planned there long term, but again, one can kinda guess based on location what might happen there.

In general, if you own the rights, and nobody has tried to lease or buy the rights from you…you might not be in the best spot. But no telling…

Thanks, I will give it a go. I am trying to find out if there is any drilling activity in the following areas of Pecos County: Section 21, Block 1 Section 24, Block 1 Section 25, Block 1 Section 42, Block C-4 Section 50, Block C-4 Section 52, Block C-4 Section 54, Block C-4

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