Considering selling

My two brothers and I each own mineral rights in 18-16N-13W and 4-17N-12W in Blaine county. All are leased at 1/5th. Any idea what the current price is?

Rick, you and your brothers are definitely in the right county (by that I mean a valuable county), y’all are a little west of the nut of the Stack, but still a great area, as for pricing I would need to check your sections in our database to see what kind of activity is going on. if there are permits or proposals for new wells then that would obviously increase the value, if there is only old verticals that would also influence the purchase price. I’ll search your sections in our database and ill message you what I see there.

Need info also on S18 16N 13w

Lat that I heard, 16-16N-13W had an offer of $16,000/ac. Not sure what the royalty pair was. Probably a bit low.

Thank you so much.M Barnes