Considering selling

I'm considering selling appx 80 acres of mineral rights split between 27 06N 07W and 34 06N 07W.

My husband (61) was forced to retire last year due to health reasons, my health (I'm 60) isn't the best and we have no children. Although I haven't totally committed to this...I'm leaning in that direction.

Is there new activity in either area that should make me reconsider selling?

Are there any companies to avoid...and any feel for the amounts being offered in these areas?

I really appreciate any help/advice that you can offer.


Since I'm new to this forum, and not exactly sure how to respond to forum emails please email me

directly at wmill3 at aol dot com

I could not find much around you . it is about 5 miles to much of a well , 16-6n-6w as far as I can tell is the best I could find. I'll look for new filings and see what I can find .

Thanks Ron, I appreciate any help I can get.

We leased 34 last year on a 5-year lease. What kind of effect will that have on our ability to sell or on any offers we may receive?

I just got a offer of $5500 an acre in Section 16 6 North 5 West but I hope you don't have to sell, I'm not.