Considering an offer to sell my mineral rights, any advice would be greatly appreciated


I'm new to the forum and would greatly appreciate any advice I could get on a sale that I am considering.

I had mineral rights passed down to me via inheritance in Hughes and Creek county. I received an offer to purchase all of the acres for $200 an acre.

The mineral rights have been passed down in the family for a long time and we haven't had much activity during that time at all. The money would help, but I'm just not sure if I am getting a fair price and if it would be a bad idea to sell. Thank you to anyone who would be willing to offer an opinion.



Personally speaking, I would never sell my minereral rights! Mineral rights pass down from generation to generation. You should be able to lease your mineral acres for $250 to $500 per mineral acre! Plus production percentage. Please consider holding onto your mineral acres & leasing them.

Hi Robert,

Admittedly I am a Novice in this oil game, but will share with you my recent experience. State your S_T_R (SECTION,TOWNSHIP,RANGE) and acreage. Knowledgeable persons who will help you on this FORUM, are as follows: M Barnes, W. Skinner, and Clint Liles; I leased my HUGHES COUNTY minerals for $1100.00 per net mineral acre. I have REFUSED any sale of my minerals inheritance. I will only lease. For me, I consider the inheritance from my late daddy a LEGACY, therefore, will never sell......only lease. I have noticed a trend of late that various LANDMEN want to purchase outright in lieu of LEASE. I think, perhaps, you would regret such a 'niggardly'.....meaning 'stingy' offer of $200.00 bucks.. I have had offers to sell my minerals, and have told the respective energy companies........quote, "if you want to remain competitive in this oil business you better offer more than sucker money." unquote. So glad I leased only, as now I await the SWEET return of ROYALTIES because my Hughes minerals well hit hydrocarbons, therefore I consider myself a winner.....not once but now twice, i.e., LEASE BONUS and forthcoming ROYALTIES..............just this NOVICES OPINION..........Leta from MONTANA.

Thank you Karla. I've had a very small number of leases in the past but the majority of the acreage has sat unleased for my lifetime. I'd like to hold on to it, but based on my current situation selling may help. In your opinion is $200 a complete ripoff?

Thank you Leta. I'll put together the acreage info to post to get a more detailed opinions. I'm very happy to hear that your Hughe's minerals hit hydrocarbons. If you don't mind me asking is the area that hit for you in the N, S, E, or W? Thanks again for help.

HI again Robert,

To answer your question, my well is NW1/4 NW 1/4 NW 1/4 NW 1/4; WELL NAME IS: DORA 1-21H (HORIZONTAL DRILL) .S21-07N-10E. My well was accessed from PAD 22 (just adjacent to my S21). Hydrocarbons were hit in the WOODFORD formation. It is mostly a GAS PLAY.

Now Robert, tap into these helpful, and knowledgeable persons I have named above. They will see your questions. I just don't know what I would have done without them. I walked into this oil game ....COLD! Be very careful when you negotiate your lease.....that is if you choose to lease. I was so ignorant that I didn't even understand that one could negotiate variables of the lease. I am much smarter now, but I always inevitably learn the "HARD WAY." I wish you the best, whatever path you take, i.e., LEASE OR SELL...............Leta from MONTANA

I agree with Karla.

If, however, you opt not to keep them, I would NOT sell for $200 per acre.

Feel free to private message me for more info.

I was offered 167K for 30 acres of minerals in Payne County, so $250 is not very much and not worth it unless you have maybe 10K acres..

Robert, Depending where your minerals are located makes a big difference on an expected price per acre that you could expect. If your mineral rights are currently leased to a company, the royalty reserved in the oil and gas lease is the second most important factor that will determine a price per acre that you can expect.

As an example: Let's say a mineral purchaser is paying $1000 per net mineral acre where the minerals are currently leased and the oil and gas lease reserves a 3/16ths royalty to the mineral owner. Then in this case the purchaser would tender their offer of $1000 per mineral acre. On the other hand if your current oil and gas lease reserves a 1/8th royalty to the mineral owner than the offer of $1000 per mineral acre would be reduced by 1/3rd. This is done because the percentage of production that would be received on the O&G lease with the 1/8th royalty is 33.333% less than the O&G lease with a 3/16ths royalty. I have been buying minerals in Hughes County during 2015, on average for $3000 per mineral acre. As I said it depends where the minerals are located and any existing O&G lease must have a minimum of 3/16ths royalty reserved in the O&G lease. I hope this helps. Feel free to contact me if you need any help. Gary D.