Confusion between well survey location & PCTA

This oil and gas topic can really be confusing sometimes. I have constantly been changing the survey for oil and gas wells in Panola County, TX. Now, I know that the survey used by the Texas RRC GIS is correct.

What is the reasoning for PCTA to not list the exact location on their annual statements?

Thanks, Babby

It would be helpful for you to post more detailed well name and operator to get specific answers. In general, RRC is primaily interested in physical location of a well and the related leased acreage to ensure that wells are located within a unit or lease and not too closed to lease lines. The tax authority is taxing the location of your minerals, which are included in a unit or lease acreage but not necessarily where the well is located. The tax authority wants to tax all owners in each tract within the total lease acreage.