Confusing Mineral Title

Through inheritance I own what I believe is 1/70 one quarter royalty by deed and another 0.37% Of 1/70 outright of a 20 acre mineral tract in the gardendale township. A landman posted requesting info on an ancestry Web site. I contacted him several months ago and gave him info and notified him of my interest. He has recently contacted me, but has yet run a chain on my rights. But there is a producing oil well. I haven't been able to get a plat of the 20 acre plot although I have info on the well.

What should I do next?

Dear Mr. West,

The Gardendale subdivision in LaSalle County has numerous wells. If you have a description of the property then someone might be able to help. I am taking an educated guess that your property is in LaSalle County, Texas.


Buddy Cotten

Yes. It’s the Crow unit IV, H1H. The Land Man told me that was the well on my 20 mineral acres. I’ve mapped the well, but haven’t been able to get a plat map showing lot 2, block 37, subdivision 29, Gardendale Colony. I’m trying to learn everything I can before a division order is issued.

Hi Mr. West,

I found your area and created a plat showing the H1H well along with the other "Crow" wells, Crow Unit IV Las #1H1 and the surrounding oil/gas activity. The plat might help you with well locations and abstracts, but I did not see a "lot 2, block 37, subdivision 29, Gardendale Colony". Feel free to contact me with questions (361-288-2344).

Good luck,

Canton Hall

Director of GIS/Mapping