Confused Horribly

why is it having g such a time. Do they change lease #s along the way. They change operators looks like they switch things around. I am just having hard time. I type i district but when I try and pull #s it isn’t in a county where I have minerals?


If you provide te County, Section, abstract and Survey some of the readers might be able to provide some assistance.

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Hey, Debby!

Cara is right. We need more information in order to be able to help you.

If you will post what information you have I’ll be happy to see what I can find out for you.

What is it you want to find out, in particular?

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I have very little info. I was left in trust but only information an example Mills county Book 69 pg 486 Vol 78 pg 433 Pfluger Beard St. Louis RR #3 I just need a site i can look up in this fashion. I not so smart but anyone knows of a site that is easy to manuever and find info. Any help would be appreciated as I have quite a few this way. Thanks

Where is that information from? Those look like Reference Deeds or Source Deeds and the name of a Survey or Well. I’m headed out for lunch but when I get home I’ll see what I can dig up for you.

Yes that is correct basically all I have some have abstract # and the bureau land management i might be able to find something but i am somethings fence as how the info should be put in.

sometimes dance I meant

Everyone dead and gone I just didn’t think about these for yrs until oil companies started showing some interest

I am trying to straighten it all out now. I have handled a few things but not what I really need and everyone went and died on me yrs ago. It has been in a trust

Debby, You asked for a website that was fairly easy to use to find this kind of information.

Go to the Texas General Land Office’s Website:

Click on “History”, then click on “Land Grant Search”.

Fill in whatever you can in their form, then click on “Search”.

If what you have is too abbreviated, like the Mills County ones you posted the example of, leave everything on the GLO’s Land Grant Search form blank, except for the County.

It will pull up every Survey in the County and you can then scroll through them until you recognize what you are looking for.

The Maps I sent were from a website named DrillingInfo. It is subscription based and quite expensive. You may want to learn how to navigate the Texas Railroad Commission’s Website and it’s Mapping application.

Hope this helps -


01. T&STL NO. 3 & J B PFLUEGER, MILLS CO, TX - MAPS.pdf (123.0 KB)

02. T&STL NO. 3 - GLO INFO -.pdf (1.5 MB)

03. J B PFLUEGER, A-1546 - GLO INFO -.pdf (4.6 MB)

Here you go!

The T&STL No. 3, A-1316 and the J. B. Pflueger, A-1546 are in the Northeast part of Mills County, Texas, right along the Hamilton County Border.

The Volumes and Pages you mentioned are probably where the interest you own came into your family by (“Source Deeds”), but I was unable to find an internet website that went back that far. You will have to call the County Clerk’s Office for copies of them.

There are no producing Oil and Gas Wells anywhere near the area.

Hope this helps!

this information was very helpful but when I try and look at mineral deed I can’t get it to load? Is there somewhere else to look. What is the stellant # mean?


Hi, Debbie!

Stellent is apparently a documents management company. They may tag each document they scan in with it’s own number.

I don’t know what website you are using to try and find your deeds, but attached is a listing of Counties in Texas where their Documents are available online.

This is a few years old, so some of these companies and websites have changed, but it should be at least of some help to you.

ONLINE RECORDS TO AT LEAST 1939 FOR TEXAS COUNTIES.pdf (195.0 KB) is my personal favorite.

Was looking at Texas Land Bureau. I will try these other ones and see if I can sort it out. I appreciate the help and I will touch back and let you know.

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