Confused about Pooling Orders

I have two leases in McClain Co. one in S 2 T 6 N R 3 W where a pooling order was granted. The other is in S 11 6 N 3 W where the order was dismissed without prejudice. Can someone explain how this affects me ?

If you are listed on the first pooling order then you only have 20 calendar days in which to respond. Best to do by certified return receipt mail. Many of us prefer the highest royalty and lowest bonus in known producing reservoirs. Read the pooling order. It will tell you what to do.

On the other, you do not have to do anything.

thank you very much.


Typically, I send a letter making the selection Martha describes. I also file a copy of the election with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission so there is no doubt. 20 days from date of order. You need to be quick.