Conflicting legal description

Good morning, my question is how do I find out which legal description is correct and share the information I find with cousins in another state? Legal description on my father & his siblings Inherited rights at the time of inheritance in 1983 shows Grady county ok Sections 30 & 31 T10N R08W.

But all I can find information so far is for lot 1 & 2 S31 T10N R08W with a current OGL. Please point me in the right direction? Thanks & as always be blessed.

Usually, it is best to lease two different sections on two different leases. The company may have only leased on one of the sections.

The inheritance documents should have had a more complete description of each of the sections with lots or something like SW4 NE4, etc. You would not have inherited the entire sections, but only a portion of them. The description in the lease is reflecting that the lease covers lots 1 & 2 of section 31. There is a similar description for section 30.

Have you tried looking in to see if you can find a better description from an old lease or probate documents?

Cimarex had a well planned in 30 back in 2009. Do you have a lease from that time frame? Or give me a name to look up and I can look on a subscription service to see if it gives a better description in a lease.

The images below show the original plats from the time of patent back at statehood. You can see where Lots 1 and 2 are from section 31. Essentially the west half of the NW4 of the section. The Lots are not 40 acres because there is an adjustment for the curvature of the earth. The lease will state the gross acres, but not the net acres (in most cases). You would have to figure out the net from a title search or back calculating from a division order.

Wow! That’s is actually something I had been confused about before my question today. Thanks! Now the original probate inheritance decree to the 5 siblings in 1983 and my grandmother’s last OGL is where I am getting the 1st description and the 2nd description I’m getting from last 2 OGL I found for my father or my cousin, which match, I found at that records website. All 4 documents match but don’t mention section 30. I am not sure how to find anything out about it.

What does the decree say for section 30?

The county has the records all the way back, but the digital records only go back so far.

You can also search the OCC site for any hearings under your family names. If you find some, then that is a place to start. OCC cases at the following link:

if you’re unable to use to locate the ownership, then you would probably need to have a landman check in Grady county. It is likely that whoever did the probates was provided information that your ancestor may have owned property in Section 30, just listed section 30 rather than run title. This is very common. It is a lot cheaper to just list a possible section where the owner may have an interest, rather than run title.

In the event that there are additional properties than listed in the probate, you may be able to index those as well. It depends upon whether or not an “after discovered” clause is in the probate. In other words you may be able to correct without reopening the probate.