Confirm whether drilling or permits have been established


Is there a website that I can use to find out if the minerals rights lease and location I own have either started permits to drill or have begun drilling?
I’m completely new to this forum and it’s probably already been answered at another forum location.
I have 2 leased properties with EOG resources,



The OCC website lists the permits and the spud of wells.
The permits are Form 1000, Spud is 1001A. You can check in your section. If you don’t find the well, try one or two sections above or below as the surface location may not be in your section.


Would I type in the location legal name as listed on the lease? T 8N R 3W Sec 5…is this the right formatting when using the OCC website? Or is another number used?

Thanks fir your help!


There is a legal example in the form to follow but, it does not go into detail
“example: 0711N10E”
So this it SSTTTRRR All numbers will contain 2 digits. so in your case you will use preceding zeros.

05 08N 03W but you will take out the spaces and enter it as 0508N03W
You can also enter wildcards in the database. %08N03W will give you data for all 36 sections within the 8N 3W township.
You will want to limit the date of the search in your case to the last year or so.

The other place to look is the “Case Processing Web Application” Database. This will contain records of applications for spacing, multi units, location exceptions, poolings, and etc. This database system is difficult to get operating on many computers operating systems, and has a learning curve. But there are instructions for setup and this manual.

5 8N 3W does not have any applications filed at this time.


Thanks for the information Rick, it’s greatly appreciated! I do have another lease and now know how to look it up too.
Thanks again.


If you do not see your section listed in the permits, the location may be to the north, south (probable) or east or west section next to you or maybe two sections away. The longer wells often have a surface location some distance away.