Confidential well

There is a confidential well in our area that we can’t get any info on does anyone know why they have these or why they hold the money in the bank, it has been producing since January? Please help

Yes. They don't want anyone to know how much the well is producing. They should pay royalties eventually as is required by the terms of the leases.

So it must be producing well then, our lease was up in may son do they still have to follow that?

Well, let's take it from the top. You called it a well, not a dry hole.

Have someone go out there and scope it out. Look for trucks going in and out. Signs on the fence designating a well. Something flaring?

If it is a producing well, they will be required to pay you royalties pursuant to the terms of the lease.

Others here might pump you for more info. and help you with some research. I work for a living, and don't have time to do the research, but if I can offer help based on the facts presented, I will try to do so.

Thanks I’m not sure what a dry hole is but I’m looking in to it

Okay. Here is the definition. Ask yourself why they drilled? Why do they hire landmen? Why do they make offers for oil & gas leases? They want to drill a well and produce oil, gas, or both.

A dry hole means that they come up empty. No hydrocarbons. No oil or gas found in producing quantities.

Or just mud and water. Hence, "dry hole". Maybe what you meant originally is that they drilled a well, and no one around there knows what it actually did, or if it is producing.

You also wrote that it has been producing since Jan.

Dave Quincy said:


Dave, Rebecca is ground zero Bakken. I see two wells recently spud in addition to her well that started producing in 2009 and has produced almost 240k bbl oil and has not needed a pump yet. Operator is Burlington Resources/ Conoco Phillips There is a permit that would be for a fourth well that is not yet spud.

If there is a dry hole it's not for lack of oil.

Rebecca, it will be helpful for people who will look into things for you if you give the legal description of T-152 R-96 section 5, as long as I have that description I don't mind looking because it's a matter of seconds to look it up, whereas with just the name I have to google it to get the legal description.

Spud dates for the two new wells are late April 2013. Possibly Rebecca was being confused by a permit date or something.

I like it that you come behind with the research.

I agree that it doesn't take that long, but I just have this thing. I will not do research for free, but if I can help anyone new to the business with knowledge, I don't mind doing that.

I just thought you would want the background info. I didn't give a bit of advice in this thread other than for Rebecca to give the legal description so someone could easily look up information that would help her. You Dave were trying to help her and I was going to sit back and watch you do so. If you don't want the information, just ignore it.

As for coming behind with the research, I have been dealing with a lot of PM's today and I get to things when I can, any problem you may think there is with the timing is purely happenstance.

Thank you rw you obviously know more then most people on here never did I ask anybody to research anything he made a comment on my post and I simply replied I don’t expect everybody to have the answers to all my questions but it doesn’t hurt to try :slight_smile:

Rebecca, you flatter me. I am just extremely good with the north central states, some person experienced in Tx or Ok or Wv could probably clean my clock in their area that they know best and I try to confine myself to logic and advice that would be good anywhere if I reply in those threads.