Confidential well 2 years

7-153-96 KOG Sand creek/koala has been confidential for 2 years. Does anybody know anything or have suggestions? Thanks k

McKenzie County ND Bakken

Kay, I don't see a spud date for this well so it almost certainly is still just a permit.

All permits are considered confidential wells whether they are drilled or not. If never drilled, it will remain a confidential well until the permit runs out and is not renewed then the status will be PNC permit now cancelled. I hope this helps.

Thank you!! I was hoping they had started. $$ Thx again.

Permits are good for one year from the date of the Division's receipt of the Notice of Intention. Additionally, a one-year extension may be granted if the request is submitted to the Division prior to the expiration of the first one-year period. Notices and Permits are cancelled after two years.

If you have any doubt or want more info about it then read this post carefully: