Confidential Status wells in WY

Wyoming law allows an operator to be granted "Confidential Status" on a well. Like many states, this allows the operator to keep all well information private for 6 months.

However, in reality a few of the Niobrara wells have been in confidential status for over a year. Does WY simply neglect to enforce the six month period? Or, is there some other provision which allows operators to extend their "six months" indefinately?

From what study I’ve done on Wy, they like the O&G industry and might grant an extention for the asking. Or possibly they asked for confidential status from the day of total depth, or fracking.

Eastern MT:

I believe the Wyoming statute reads that the well will remain in confidential status until completion activities are finalized. If problems occurred during the drilling process and if fracking activities were backlogged as in ND, this year or more could be possible. Let's get some drilling started in Eastern Montana as that is where my minerals are located.

Money talks. The only well that I’ve been watching is just out of Chugwater. It originally was pouring out 1000 barrels per day without a pump. Now I see that there are 13 wells in the greater Goshen area but we are getting no info on them. I wonder what 2250 acres are worth?