Concern about gas lease with XTO

I am new .I have a lease with XTO over 3 years but I didn't get any bonus from them .I recently received a gas lease from PALOMA , but I just want to release with XTO but I don't know how . Anyone have any idea about that , please help me . Thanks


My first question is why did you not recieve a bonus from XTO? Second, how long was the lease for? Finally, if you wish to release to XTO, I would google to their website and contact the land department within their company and they should be able to assist you in this matter. Normally, when a lease is negotiated, the lessor pays a bonus/acre when the lease is signed.

XTO Energy Inc./810 Houston St./ Fort Worth, Texas 76102-6298/ Phone 817.870.2800 or 800.299.2800

Current CEO is Keith Hutton.

Call and leave a voice mail with anyone that you can weather it is the land department or not. You may have to irritate them into action. (Be persistent but remember that it is never beneath you to be polite.)

The task of insuring that you were not paid for your lease and that they have not already assigned your lease to someone else may not be simple. This may take time. In the future, make sure that you are paid before the lease is recorded.

Nhan, If XTO promised you a bonus and didn't pay, what makes you think they would pay you royalty ? You've already demonstrated that you don't raise a ruckus when you aren't paid.