Comstock Makes Another Major Acquisition!

In a 282-page assignment document filed in Robertson County on March 26, Comstock has acquired the rights to the Lower Bossier/Haynesville interval in more than 14,000 leases owned by Hilcorp Energy I, LP. These leases are located in Robertson, Limestone, Leon, and Freestone Counties.

The acquisition is effective September 1, 2023 in accordance with a Purchase and Sales Agreement dated March 15, 2024.


So Comstock has acquired the deeper rights associated wwith the wells in this area that Hillcorp recently purchased from XTO?

Don’t know if that is correct or not. The Comstock deal is with a Hilcorp limited partnership: Hilcorp Energy I, LP.

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I was told Hilcorp reserved up to the Cotton valley. I have not seen it yet.

Comstock’s acquisition is limited to the depths from the base of the Bossier Reagan Sands down to the top of the Cotton Valley Lime.

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Sure hope this Alabama ferry in eastern leon county is in this deal. Hilcorp owned it a few years ago then sold it then i think they got it back from no payment. Now no one really knows who owns it. Most of the location are grown up except a few of us that keep them mowed.

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