Compressor engine noise mitigation

The operator of the gas well on my property (375 Energy) has stated that he "at this time, has no way of making the compressor engine quiet" !! Then then stated that if I knew any way to make it quieter to let them know, they will review it, discuss with owner of the compressor engine they rent....then let me know if they will install the structure.

I was amazed that they stated that they did not know of any way to reduce the noise !!! There are several local companies that build sound proof structures. I have sent them several options....they have yet to respond. They seem to enjoy playing silly games.

I took a db reading last weekend, and the compressor was at 88db's. Very, very loud. I know they have a right to capture the gas.....but what gives them the right to be a nuisance to me ?? A basic right of any property owner is "peace and quiet", !!!

Does anyone have any info on compressor engine noise mitigation ??

I hope that 375 Energy was sincere when thay requested that I research noise mitigation options. I am glad to do their work for them if it returns my property back to the way it was before the well was drilled.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Rob Johnson

Dear Mr Johnson,

Installing noise baffling has long been used, as have planting trees around the production site (for visual abatement and to preserve the aesthetics) for years with much success.

Naturally, these items are best left to be negotiated into the lease form itself, if you own the minerals. Post discovery, the production departments sometimes take the attitude that they own the property.