Completion versus Production

I've got a question on well completion versus production. When they completed wells on our property the completion reports showed 1105 oil bbl/day when you add up all 8 horizontal units. Now they are in production, but there are no oil sales according to the OCC database but plenty of gas sales. We just received our division order, so we haven't received any checks yet. Is there a reason they wouldn't be selling oil when the completion showed its there or is there somewhere else they report it or is it just delayed? This is the first well we've been involved in from start to finish. Thank you!

You may be looking in the wrong place. Post the section, township and range and someone may be able to help. Did you look here?

The OCC does not post oil, so go to Ron's link to get the oil and the gas. It is the amount sold, not the amount produced, so keep that in mind.

The easiest way to think of it is like a dairy stream. The milk that comes from the cow is split off into cream, butter, milk, and leftovers, etc. What is actually sold as "milk" in the carton is quite different than what came from the cow on the hoof. The companies get taxed on what they sell, so the onenet site gives you that. Your checkstub will give you the different components such as oil, gas, condensate, NGL's etc.

Another artifact of a poor state run system of dividing oil from gas. ... Don't even ask about brine or other items. Today due to low gas prices, even some very "gassy" wells are being called "oil". Looks better on the resume so to speak.

Don't go on the Wyoming or Colorado websites or you will throw rocks at Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Texas... 3 states that should have better record keeping and website access for royalty owners