Completion Reports

Clint, these reports are great, and thanks for posting them. Could you, next time you are on rrc sight, look for anything from Marlin Energy (permit or completion) and/or anything on the Abner Smith League, Abstract 209?

Thanks again.

Benn Bundy

Am at hospital checking on my wife at this time but will be home around 6 PM and will do a search for you. Clint Liles

Hope your wife is okay, or will be okay. Take care.

Marlin Energy:Submitted or Approved Drilling Permit or Completion Report


After searching 'submitted' and 'approved' drilling permits for Burleson County from January 1, 2016 thru February 23, 2017 I find nothing for Marlin Energy.

Link to 62 approved permits/Burleson County/January 1, 2016 thru February 23, 2017/7 pages:

I can check again in about a week and possibly something will show up.

????After googling Marlin Energy I suspect they are a company that flips lease and not an exploration and production(E&P) company????

Thank you Clint. You are likely correct, but the lease was originally with Adapt Resources, who I thought had flipped it to Halcon, but I recently found out from the E and P who bought Halcon's Burleson Co. leases that this lease had been assigned to Marlin Energy per courthouse records, and they appear to have at least a couple operating wells near by. I guess I will have to wait and see if it is extended in April for two years per lease terms. I've tried to connect with some guys at Marlin via linked in--no luck yet.