Completion Reports-Reeves County Texas


December 08, 2018



Mr Clint: I and a couple other owners have a special interest in the Denton Unit 68_107 W 1H in Block 13.I talked to the Production Foreman last week and he said the frac was complete and they were starting to drill out the plugs.Sure wish you could find time to post the completion report. I tried to find reports on RRC but my computer skills wouldn t allow it. Couldn t get past enter county. API 38937440. Forever in your debt !!! Charles J


Ours was spudded in Feb, completion report done in June, recorded Nov 30–so not a very timely process.


Hello Patj & Cindy. Patj, I came up with the same number as you did. Completion report has not been filed that I can find.


Try this link for Completion Reports and only put in the complete API number and click Search

Clint Liles


Thanks so much Mr. Clint. Looks as if I need a lot more patience. I do appreciate your immediate response. I think I read on the forum some time ago you lived in Amarillo. Have you tried the 72 oz steak? Thanks again. CharlesJ


Patj, I actually live in East Texas(Fliint, Texas address). My ranch is in Wilbarger County(Vernon, Texas). I have certainly heard of that giant steak but never had the nerve to try a steak that large. WOW. I prefer the venison steak I get from the ranch. Nothing like chicken fried backstrap, cream gravy and mashed taters. Mmmmmm…goood.

Clint Liles


Hey Mr. Clint: Been practicing the info you gave on finding well completion reports. Works great!! Disproves the old (can t teach old new tricks) theory. Thanks a million! CharlesJ


Good to hear Charles…glad I could help you.

Clint Liles


How about sharing the info on how to find production. Would appreciate it. Was told of the production of Oct to November but nothing since. Wonder if they are holding the production until the price of oil rises…


Louise…Check up on Carrizo Exploration&Production Operating Company. They just built a new field office on the East side of State Hwy 285 about 10 miles north of Pecos and they are going crazy on leasing up land and drilling it along both sides of CR232 from Toyah to SH285. They have signs up everywhere near your land.

ol’ Lawrence in Verhalen :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


One word of caution. Carrizo can be difficult to deal with.


Mr Clint: According to the Odessa American, Primexx has been granted a permit named Denton Unit 68E. Since they did not name the block,can I assume it is in 13 ? Thanks so much for any info! Happy Valentines Day CharlesJ