Completion Report on Colwell 1-31-30-H Garvin County 2N2W


I am unable to find a completion report on the above referenced well. I found a Production Report (PUN) that showed gas being produced beginning in January 2018. Which brings up another question. I have interest in two other new wells that are producing oil and gas, yet the PUN only shows gas as production. Any help with these questions would be appreciated.


It is possible Rimrock “tight holed” the 1002A so that it will not be released to the public by the OCC until after 1 year. The 1002C has been filed, but of course it does not have the information you need.


Thanks Frank. I did recently receive legal correspondence with a copy of Corporation Commission order # 677948. It seems to be some kind of approval for the boundries of the horizontal well. Maybe this was the reason of the delay for Completion Report.


I too have have run into the same problems. I was told by a Corporation Commission employee that they are understaffed because of budget constraints and a lot of the Completion Reports have been submitted but not processed. They are not put online until they are processed and they are very far behind. As far as the Production reports, I am wondering if the oil and gas are purchased by different Purchasers and maybe one has submitted the report when the other one has not. I believe there is also a considerable delay from submission to online posting.


What information are you looking on the completion report? The production test data?


Yes but the production test data doesn’t seem to correlate with beginning production. Anyone have an explanation for that? I also look at the completion dates.


Yes, to what sblake said.


Production is what people usually want it for. However, I don’t find the production test data to be of much use to determine what the well is going to produce. The test is completed to satisfy state statute requirements. I have not found it to be indicative of how good the well is. The OCC uses the test results to determine is the well is classified as an “gas” well or “oil” well. (over or under a 15,000:1 ratio). The wells fall under different oversight rules. There are so many variables and changes that occur in the first several weeks. A more accurate test might be a few months later after the production engineers have “tuned” the well and all of the frac water has returned.
Let me see if I can find some notes from 4-5 years back. In reply to a similar question, I looked at some test vs production data on a sample of wells and you will see what I mean.


Found the notes. This was a reply from 4 years ago.

On the test data.
Don’t be surprised when the test date is not that relevant to production numbers. The method of stimulation will greatly change the way the well develops. If the well is hydraulically fractured, water from the process will be flowing back for weeks. This will greatly impact the numbers.
I’m watching the daily reports on one well right now and it makes it even more apparent of how misleading the test reports are. Not intentional, they are required to test and submit it to the OCC. As far as I know one of the primary reasons for testing is an OCC requirement to classify the well as an oil or gas well. This is done by the ratio of gas vs oil.
Looking at some production numbers I have been compiling, here are some samples. (oil only, first month discarded)
Test , months of production reported, overall sales average, average sales first 5 months
85, 9, 185, 263
365, 7, 388, 452
39, 7, 45, 53
268, 4, 130
125, 3, 35
69, 17, 143, 175
392, 6, 41, 35
81, 19, 22, 29
248, 10, 54, 95
69, 9, 36, 47
1059, 6, 514, 524
528, 15, 376, 523


The Colwell well sold 12K barrels of oil in Jan and 11K in February if that helps.


Thanks Rick. You are always a wealth of information. It appears Section 31 owners get 80% and us Section 30 owners get 20%. By the info you provided, it looks like the initial production is around 400 barrels a day. That is a decent well.
Another question. Let’s say a well produces 400 barrels of oil a day plus gas the first 6 months, generally speaking how long do they produce at that rate before adjusting the flow? Is it affected by the market, by the well itself, or other factors? Any input is appreciated.


Don, These wells have a pretty aggressive decline curve. Within 20-32 months it will be producing about 15-20% of what it was the 2nd or 3rd month. That is because of the formation. Different wells may vary because of fracturing and completion techniques. Even the proppant used can have a bearing on it. The production engineer will make changes to ensure the success of the total yield of the well. I feel market price has little influence on it, and talking with completion and production engineers the last few years has not changed my opinion on that at all.

Here are a couple of graphs I saved from a few years ago. This is a pretty common decline pattern for production from tight shale formations.



Thanks again Rick. You always give such good info. I always have learned a lot from this forum.