Community Minerals

Anyone know anything about Community Minerals, LLC?

I keep getting offers to buy my mineral rights from them.

Thank you.

They send out massive mailings in several states. Depending upon where your minerals are, that might indicate drilling in the future which might mean you would want to hold onto your minerals. Each owner needs to make their own decision based upon their situation. Personally, I put them in my mineral files and ignore them.

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Loren, This may be a duplicate msg. I tried to reply before, but it hasn’t been posted. I also own minerals in Converse Cnty. There are 5 formations that are being developed in the county: Turner, Niobrara, Mowry, Sussex and to a lesser extent, Parkman. Do you know how to use the WY Oil and Gas Conservation site to look up info? It takes a while to learn to make the most use of it. If you want to send you legal description, I’ll what I can find in the way of permits, permits on drill schedules, or recent spuds. If you are starting to get offers, it may be because of mass mailings as M. Barnes mentioned and/or those making the offers are in the know about permits and planned drilling. A.J.

Hi AJ, Thanks for the heads-up. Good info. Here is the property info off the latest Shell receipt:

Property Name: Flatop 32-10 County/State: Converse, WY Decimel Interest: 0.0008500 Type of Interest: R Product: Crude Oil Property Description: -SWNE Sec 10-33N-69W

I’ve never used the Oil & Gas Conservation web site. My uncle was a wild catter way back, and left me mineral rights all over the West, most have aged out. I have basically ignored them - probably faint if one came in. I think this is the last and it pays about $30 a quarter. My uncle sold a well back in the day and it gushered a week later. I don’t want to make the same mistake. Again, thanks.


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Loren, I wouldn’t even consider selling Converse County minerals now. If you tell us your legal description, (Sec, Twnship & Range), I’ll see what I can look up for you. Like M Barnes says, if you are getting offers, Community Mins likely knows a lot more about what is going on than you do. Anschutz Exploration is especially active there. There are 4 formations that are being drilled: Turner, Niobrara, Sussex and the Mowry. But it does depend on the location of your mineral rights. Send your legal description if you want me to see what I can find out (I also have minerals in Converse Cnty). A.J.

Thanks, AJ.

Township 33 Range 69 Section 10 Flattop 32-10 SW NE

I checked the state oil & gas web site. Flattop 32-10 goes way back. Lots of activity in the past. Constant producer, but does not appear that anything is happening now or in the foreseeable future.

I sent a response to Community Minerals about selling my rights to 32-10: They never bothered to answer, so maybe they do know something, and it’s that the mineral rights aren’t worth buying.

Oh well.

I would appreciate knowing anything you find out.

Again, thanks!


Loren, If that decimal interest is from your statement, it is likely your percentage of the proceeds from just that well or a group of wells based on your # of mineral acres and your royalty rate (which was likely low back in the day). It seems very small. You’d likely need a better legal description of all the acres you own in that area. Those old wells were vertical wells but the newer ones are horizontal wells that extract from (most commonly) 2 sections which is approx 1280 acres . So if your acres are in any part of where the lateral run of the well extracts from, you would be entitled to part of the proceeds (based on your lease). There are several companies who have permits in the general area, (1876, Anadarko) and Continental has a bunch in 33-69. Continental bought out Chesapeake who had developed the area. It doesn’t look like the wells Chesapeake drilled were real gushers but then they weren’t the best driller & drilling has improved since then. I have no idea whether Continental will actually drill in 33-69 (only a small percentage of permits get drilled), but you need to find out your exact legal description of your minerals & the total acres to see if any of the current Continental permits might cover them. If you were receiving royalties, then your mineral rights should be recorded in Converse County. They won’t do a title search for you though, you’d have to do it yourself or hire a landman or someone to do it (I don’t know of anyone there). Also, look up your lease. If you don’t have a copy of it - leases or at least records of leases are recorded in the county or the oil company might be persuaded to give you a copy. I’d figure all that out before even considering selling. On the WOGCC web site go to the Permits menu & scroll down to Continental and Anadarko & you’ll see the permits I mentioned. Good luck & I hope you have fun investigating your mineral rights & possibilities.

Her royalty rate wouldnt change on any new wells drilled and her 0.0008500 interest would only go down further on a 1280 well. At $30 a quarter in income, ya take any offer you get to sell so you dont have to mess with it further.

Thanks. Anyone seen activity in convers county around Township 31 North, Range 70 West – Sections 12 and 13.

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