Common Resources III/CR3 Western Holdings

Are any of you currently leased with CR3 Western Holdings (Common Resources III, LLC)? Mostly thru Winne Land & Minerals, they leased quite a bit of acreage in Reeves in 2014. I've read they were winding up their business back in February and no further investment funds were going to be provided to them to continue operations. The primary term of my lease with them doesn't expire until next year and has a 2 year renewal option. Meanwhile, Apache is permitting new wells right across the road. We're in Block 71. I've been checking Reeves public records to see if there have been any assignments, but so far nothing has shown up (I can only access through 8-31-16). And I have been checking as much as I can for any asset sale by them on the various oil & gas marketplace sites. Just wondering if anyone knew what is going on with them or their lease assets. Thanks!


Lori -- I understand you question... very clear but, sorry, I can't help. However, I am intrigued with "Apache is drilling literally right across the road." My weekly drilling report Fri-10/14 hasn't picked-up on that. Could you be more specific what section Apache in drilling in BLK 72? Thanks -- Later -- Buzz

Buzz- Sorry, my bad. We're in Block 71, not 72. They are in the permitting process in Sec. 8, Huckleberry wells, across the road. Their Redwood wells are just about 5 miles southwest of our tract. Need to see if I can edit that original post!

Lori -- their 9,650' lateral SPRUCE STATE #1H Wildcat test in SEC 40 BLK 72 PSL spud 9/15 is closer yet. Later -- Buzz