Colorado/Weld County Lawyer Recommendation Needed!

I've been advised to get an Oil and Gas lawyer to settle some issues I am having with inherited Mineral Rights in Weld County Colorado. Does anyone have a recommendation? Thank You!

Gene Burk in Centennial, knows what he is doing, i have referred several clients to him, all very happy

Gene's phone # is (303) 793-3133

Thanks...I will give him a call!

If you still need a referral.....Jenna Keller at Feldman Nagel LLC gets my vote

Thank for the help everybody! My brother met with Mr. Burk last week. He was a great help and my brother agreed he is a super nice guy! So, for now we are leaving our situation in Mr. Burk's hands and hoping for a speedy and agreeable solution!

I guess I will add my voice to the choir. My family used Mr. Burke for our leases several months ago. He was fantastic. He explained things, answered all my questions and did so in a way that I was able to explain things to the rest of the family...over 20 people...and they were satisfied with what he told us and the work he did for us...and as a plus, he is a very nice man.

Well gee, I guess I should read ALL the comments before I jump in...sorry:)