Colorado County Texas - Leasing Activity

For the last several months,I have been verbally discussing a mineral lease with a landman. I have decided to get the documents and look at the latest offer which does not sound that bad. BUT, I cannot get the LM to answer my calls or return them. Any thoughts on this? Just last week they signed a lease with a neighbor across the road.

Had another neighbor call me and said he recieved a letter from this company stating they were no longer be interested in his land for mineral leasing. He has never been contacted about leasing to begin with.

I have neighbors that supposedly leased to these people but I have not been able to talk with them to see if it really happened.

Is it customary to lease land around you and not lease several parcels that are in the middle of other land that supposedly has been leased?

Just wondering if the company has quit leasing or do they continue to lease the entire area?