Colgate Energy Drilling permits

I heard on the local radio news that Colgate Energy has applied for 4 drilling permits. I wonder if wells 36330 & 36355 Fiery Furnace 68 Unit are included?

The only recent Colgate permit applications I have seen in Reeves are for the Moses MIPA wells which are SW of the Fiery Furnace 68.


Thanks for the info. I see 3 wells here and their presentation at the city council meeting is for 4 wells. I wonder if 4 more wells are coming in the near future.

Does anyone know what Colgate is planning for Block C-18? I think they have permits for wells in Sections 11, 4, and maybe 20 or 21. All the best to fellow O&G folks.

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I too have NMA’s in Block C-18 Sec 5. Colgate let our lease expire last year 2020. Things have been picking up this year, so hopefully we’ll get a new lease in 2022. ?

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