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I also have holdings in Coleman County and would hope the group will be active, keep hoping some of the West Texas stuff will ease over into Coleman area

Are there any other holders related to the Shotwell/&other heirs property in Coleman County? (It is a property that has been in existence for quite some time.) As far as we know, this land is all in tact. However, as a number of heirs acquired and split the percentage of the 162 acres through estates, trusts, etc., it is hard to determine the value of the land, MI and RI which again as far as we know are still in tact.

Also, if this new drilling permit is taking place on this land, then not all parties have agreed to participate in the process and we'd like to know ASAP as we've never received anything related to leases or new drilling in the region.

Just hoping that I might be lucky in my search and find the other owners, some of which might be interested in buying back our share' at a fair market value.

As such, if anyone has knowledge of way to determine the property value so that we can list it at current market value, that would be awesome.

Although, as the property is shared among many different heirs with whom we're not familiar, we could also use some help in knowing how to go about selling this percentage of land and interests accordingly as well.

Any help is greatly appreciated. We believe this may be our ticket to getting our current property taxes caught up here in CA in the next year or two so as to save our home.

Thanks so much and again any help is greatly appreciated,

The Shotwell Heirs/

Land/MI/RI Owners

Can anyone please tell me what the current going rate is for O&G mineral rights in Coleman County. Or, if anyone knows a leasing company working in the area at the moment. I know there are some new leases and new drilling operations so I'm hoping someone can answer ASAP as we have 160 acres of Oil & Gas MI to either lease to a drilling company/operator or sell in Coleman County( Pleasant Young Survey.)

We have just confirmed with the County Clerk/Tax appraisal's office the Deed is for 160 O&G MI only so please know the land is already owned by another individual/family.

As the rights are listed as non-specified, we would probably need to know MI rate per acre.

Also, though if anyone has any other information on how to obtain current values free of charge in Texas counties, as we still have some MI/RI in Gregg(specified/Leased Quantum Resources) Henderson, Leon(non-specified) and Anderson, that would be great - a few are currently leased but payments are extremely small, especially this year - Any information is greatly appreciated. Thank You All So Much!!!!

Hello all, I notice this is not an active group; I suppose reflecting the inactivity in Coleman Co. FYI, I, and other family members, recently received a lease request from Mesa Ridge (Abilene) apparently to revisit some old production areas. "Vertical well" is referenced. Specifically Tract 1: 81.75 ac Block 31 Burnett County School Land Survey No 703, Abstract 19, Coleman Co. Bonus $75, 1/5 royalty, 2 years. I am not confident that the lease language is lessor-favorable, many references to "pooling." I am open to others' thoughts and will keep you updated if something significant happens. Thanks, Rob

Rob, with the lack of activity in Coleman County, a $200 bonus is a reasonable offer. As for the 1/5, that also is very reasonable considering a lot of small operators are offering 3/16th. I would demand that the 1/5th is "Gross At The Well Head" instead of net where they withhold the cost of treating the oil with chemicals and transportation cost.

Also demand that the lease does not include the "Mother Hubbard Clause" but does have the "Pugh Clause"

As for 2 Years, that is the shortest lease I have seen which can be a good thing because it assure that they will either get the well drilled in a timely manner or they will release the minerals fairly quickly so that your minerals are available for leasing again which will pay a new bonus.

Good Luck,


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