Codes for different gas use

hello forum and happy new year. here’s a question for somebody. Looking at the codes (1234) my gas is a 2. so it says it goes directly to consumer. Will not be processed further before use. Still don’t understand why I’m getting a dollar less than market. Jean Pope Unit

The coding on RRC site is not completely reliable as it depends on who is filling in the report and what they use. And many companies use outside companies to file the reports. I have seen codes fluctuate every few months on some wells. In reality, all the gas goes into pipelines to gas processing plants. Not sure what market price you are citing, but most are set at a hub which is a long distance from your well. Pricing on your check depends on multiple factors, including where the gas and liquids are sold and your exact lease language defining the pricing. There are discussions on this forum about this. Using the RRC lease number, you can look at Texas Comptroller CONG to see sales reported to state for severance tax purposes.