Has anyone had experience leasing with Cockerell Energy LLC of OKC?

Yes. I am currently trying to determine if they screwed me. It looks like I got lead by the hand into a very bad deal.

Maybe my fault, maybe not. Just hang around for a few days and I will have more info.

The bottom line is that I may have been shoved down a rabbir hole.

Personally I think there is a lot of that going on these days. In the past year I was jerked around a couple of times and, in the end, it cost me most of my minerals and well over half of their value. Hopefully you will do better. If you have questions post them as there are plenty of more knowledgeable people here on the forum.

Cockerell Energy fixed all my problems and ended up treating me very fairly.

The problem was my ignorance and not with Cockerell Energy

Glad to hear that! I know from personal experience that sometimes it’s very difficult to get correct information. Leases, deeds, division orders, etc., makes it hard to make good decisions when the facts are often as difficult to find as hen’s teeth! Glad to worked out for you.