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In Cochran County as by region, lease bonuses may vary from what we are familiar with for example in the Barnett Shale for gas drilling. We have leased from 2500 / acre to 5000 / acre with 1/4 production benefit. We have an offer on the table in Cochran for 175 / acre and 1/5 production benefit minus their expenses. From my experience, $175 / acre is way off base. Does anyone have input for us and thank you...


How many acres do you have to be leased and what is the section, block and abstract #? Do you know of any production/producing wells on your minerals or nearby? Are there any old P/A(plugged and abandoned) wells in the area? All this can make a difference on a new lease. Location, location, location. Good luck on your lease.

Clint Liles

Want evidence south Cochran County is hot? My Drilling Info report this morning showed 70 new leases recorded in south Cochran and north Yoakum Counties.

Have an offer for $300/acre and 25% in the N1/2, Section 6, Block L (A-230 & A-416). Seems to be somewhat east of previous production. Is this area "hot?" If so $300/acre seems a little low. Any thoughts out there?

George, Maybe start at $1250. It is in its early in the development of this play.

Is anyone buying minerals in Cochran county? Got a couple thousand acres (unleased) to sell.

Where are the minerals for sale located.

I just found out from a contract landman that I, along with about 40 other people/trusts, own a small interest in mineral rights in Cochran County. He said he will eventually be sending us contracts. Any pointers to information on what to look out for in the contract and how to proceed will be greatly appreciated. It's a disparate bunch of rights holders so the chances of any coordinated effort to negotiate are slim.


Can you supply the location of your minerals in Cochran County? Abstract, Section, Block numbers? Location in the county can make a difference.

Clint Liles

The email I received had a confidentiality notice so I'm reluctant to share too much, but the location appears to be in the southwest corner of the county. Not sure because I don't understand abstract designations. Where can I learn about what abstract designations mean?

Mr. Riley, they can't bind you to a confidentiality agreement or create a duty, just by sending you an e-mail.

Usually secrecy doesn't work in a mineral owners favor. How could you possibly benefit from denying yourself the opportunity to gather specific information?

If I were a landman, I would want it kept secret too, it would make it much easier to get a fantastic deal for my employer if the people I deal with are uninformed. Good article.

received an offer for minerals in Sections 1-5, Block G, and section 7 block P. Argyle Assets has contacted me. Any ideas on bonus rates and Argyle from anyone? Thank you.

BTW Hi Wade good to see you here as well as Ward County.

Randy....what are they offering you.

I think they had drilled some wells near my land near state line road.

Had some clever names for the wells like Wyatt Earp, Calamity Jane.

Anyone heard anything about how Element did with the Waco Kid in SW Cochran Co.?

Acquisition by Hunter in Cochran County.

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