Coal Lease Information

Does anyone have any recent information on Coal Leases? The area I am interested in is LeFlore County in Eastern Oklahoma.

Thank you.


If you are looking at the coal once owned by the Rock Island Railroad, years ago I managed all of the minerals. including oil and gas, of the Rock Island in Oklahoma for the Trustee during the bankruptcy proceedings. The Trustee controlled both steam and metallurgical coal in the area and I leased the coal out to producers on his behalf. After liquidation, the Oklahoma minerals were sold to anther company and I continued to manage for them for a few more years.

I think that guy is on drugs and promoting his minerals management business has nothing to do with answering Matthew's question. At least this time he was not rude, just still delusional. So pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.


There hasn't been any leasing activity for coal in LeFlore county since 2006 in 7N-24E. Before that was back in 1992', 93', 95' and 1996' in various townships and ranges.

Maybe a more refine question is in order. What are the going lease rates?