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I have recently inherited mineral rights in Tyler county. I have signed a lease with CNX. When will I start to see any pay from this. This is all foreign to me. I know I have 2 separate tracts. Something about W.Doak property . Someone please help . The affidavit I signed mentioned 111 acres Tyler county WV centerville district. W.E. Doak.

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Likely the first payment you will receive is your up front bonus. Have you received that yet? It could be a while before you start to receive royalties. I would educate yourself about where the property is located and watch for new drilling permits on the WVDEP mapping website. CNX will also notify you when you have been included in a drilling unit. That should happen before a well is drilled.

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No I have not received any form of payment except 250.00 for one lease that I have signed. I need as much help I can get and lots of information because this is all very foreign to me. I have been told that I’m involved with mineral rights in at least 3 to 4 different tracts in Tyler county WV Centerville District. My Brother has signed 2 leases with CNX and one of those myself, my brother, and my 2 half sisters own interest in also. Someone please help…

Mr. Horner, I’ve seen both of your posts. What specifically do you want help with? I see that you have been approached about selling. Is it someone other than CNX? Both CNX and the person approaching you to sell should be able to educate you on what you own. Do you have any tax tickets to help you identify exactly what tracts you have inherited an interest in? ~Rachel

I’m trying to find my tax numbers or land numbers in my paperwork I have put away. I’ll get back with you as soon as possible with that information. I really need help. Am I ever gonna see any money from any of this other than the 250.00 i recieved for the one 5 year lease i signed with CNX. i am 37 years old recently divorced and have lost everyone and everything i owned and cared about. I’m completely starting my life over with absolutely nothing but a few clothes in a duffle bag and a job that I dont even get 40 hours a week at. What little bit I learn half of it goes to child support, which I dont mind that at all it’s just so hard to make it on the little bit of income I have. I’m living with family and I just want to get my own little apartment and just try to make a decent life. Anyway sorry for the rambling I’m just wondering if in your opinion will I ever see and cash from this and is it gonna be like a few dollars or am I gonna be able to support myself and my children along with the income from my employment?


Have you been able to find any of your paperwork from the lease you signed?


I have a parcel # 01-0012-0022-0004

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