Clyde W, Etchason

I am looking for a law firm who would represent me in a lawsuit against an Abstract company that gave me bogus information and caused me to lose everything . * producing wells and all my equiptment.

I am also looking for a Lawfirm who can represent me against a person who does not own executive rights.

Hi Clyde!

Sounds like you need one of the following Attorneys:

G. Wade Caldwell

Barton, East & Caldwell

700 N. St. Mary's Street

Suite 1825

San Antonio, TX 78205-3545
210.228.3617 (o) direct
210.225.1655 (o) main
210.225.8999 (f)


Michael D. Jones

Jones Gill LLP

6363 Woodway, Suite 1100

Houston, Texas 77057-1796


Board Certified~Civil Trial Law;

Oil, Gas & Mineral Law

Texas Board of Legal Specialization

I know Michael Jones personally. He is a Board Certified Oil and Gas and Board Certified Civil Trial Attorney and is very aggressive.

I have not had the opportunity to meet Mr. Caldwell, but people here on The Forum speak very highly of him.

One thing I should mention is that no Abstract Company will review mineral title for you. They only deal with surface ownership.

For mineral and royalty title research, you need a qualified Landman and an Oil and Gas Attorney. You might not have any recourse against an Abstract Company.

Hope this helps -

Charles Emery Tooke III

Certified Professional Landman

Fort Worth, Texas

thank you sincerely