CLR messes up division orders and paid wrong people

Three years ago I inherited a portion of my Grandmothers mineral rights.

There was a current lease with CLR she had entered into. Since her passing they’ve split our proceeds accordingly.

As of recent—one of the other named heirs mentioned she got a substantial check out of nowhere. The other heirs also received checks but for much much less. Then one person who has no legal right or ownership was sent nearly a $10K check from CLR.

Luckily, we are all on good terms and we’re able to communicate with one another about the discrepancies and CLR is attempting to “fix” the issue while we wait to ensure other relatives we not falsely sent funds.

I know CLR had big issues with this in the past and I understand it’s difficult to manage after these rights get split over and over, but this is ridiculous!

My Aunt was paid substantially more and it’s just sitting in her account and they’re so unconcerned that this money is in the wrong hands. While the other, who has NO legal right to anything with the mineral rights has a nearly $10k check in her name just waiting to be deposited.

Make sure you guys are somehow managing your division orders because I fear we are not the only ones who may be going through this.

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