Cline Shale Texas

I have heard reports that some preliminary unproven reserve numbers for the new Cline shale play in Sterling and surrounding counties is upwards of 35BB.

Has anyone seen any posts which confirm this or give other reserve numbers?


There is some information on the Cline Shale play on this forum. Click on "Groups" at the top of the page; scroll down to "Shale Plays"; scroll down to "Cline". Hope this helps.

Permian Basin News & Analysis from DI Analytics Jun 20 12

Midland Basin Horizontal Opportunities Go Deeper by Matt Menchaca

Lying along the eastern flank of the Midland Basin is the Cline Shale. Cline is a localized name for the Pennsylvanian aged shale that some recognize as the D bench of the Permian aged Wolfcamp. Starting at the Wolfcamp A bench down to the bottom, Wolfcamp C bench, the rock has less carbonates. However, the underlying Cline (Cisco) Shale is interbedded with sand and silt, indicative of its depositional environment. The Cline source rock lies on a broad flat shelf, with very little relief. TOC, porosity, permeability, and OOIP are all fairly comparable in both Wolfcamp and Cline. Even though the Wolfcamp is thicker, which can be a driver for production in shale plays; it is the pressure and thermal maturity of the Cline that sets it apart. The pressure gradient is around 0.55-0.65 psi/ft with an Ro value of 0.85-1.1%. Along with NGLs, this allows for a nice, light crude with an API gravity of 38-42 degrees, some say is comparable to the Eagle Ford. The industry type curve for the Cline Shale is quoted at 420 Mboe EUR/well with 60% oil and a 30 day IP of 575 Boe/d with 75% oil. Operators already drilling the Wolfcamp and Wolfberry trends; the Cline offers yet another prolific pay zone. Devon Energy has acquired 500,000 net acres prospective to the Cline Shale play. The company plans to drill 15 wells this year and operate 4 rigs by the year-end and has invested $350 million to develop the play in 2012. Laredo Petroleum has been drilling and collecting data on the Cline since 2008, and has completed a total of 29 horizontal wells. Laredo is currently evaluating the results of increased frac stages, and plans to test 7000 plus foot laterals in 2012. Callon Petroleum has 14,470 net acres with Cline potential. The company is focused on strategic growth in the Permian Basin with emphasis on the Wolfcamp B and Cline Shales. Apache controls 334,000 net acres in the Midland Basin and will be running 2 rigs throughout this year, targeting the Cline Shale. To date, Apache has drilled 4 successful wells and plans for 8 more this year. Lateral lengths range from 3800 to 6840 feet and 10 to 15 frac stages with an average EUR of 400 MBOE. The company is working on optimizing landing point and frac design to increase EURs. Range Resources has 100,000 net acres in the Midland Basin. Range is reporting a $4.3 million well cost to drill and complete a 3000 foot lateral, 10 frac stage well in the Cline. I provided a map below showing the mentioned operators producing areas using DrillingInfo. Wells shown include both Cline and Wolfcamp completed wells with production within the past 2 years. I included both since wellbores penetrating the Cline are permitted as Wolfcamp by the RRC. Feel free to check other new and popular areas of exploration in Drilling Info’s Emerging Plays Unconventional Reservoir Blog