Cleveland county section 22, township 10n, range 3w

Newly inherited royalty. Is there wells going in or already producing? Thanks.

You might want to clarify “inherited royalty”. If you have a royalty interest, then you may not have a mineral interest. You would only have the payments for a particular well(s) tied to a particular lease.

If you inherited mineral rights, then you may have both the mineral rights to the rocks and their fluids. The mineral owner can deed away the royalty rights to a certain well(s).

That being said, there were quite a few wells that used to produce in that section. None are currently online. There are two units called the Short Junction Central Unit and the Short Junction HL BV E UT . You may continue to get royalties from the unit as long as the other wells produce. See if your ancestor was getting royalties from TRP OK Properties LLC. If so, you need to contact them and inform them of the probate. They will probably need title documents to put you in pay status.