Clerical error on lease assignment ~50yrs ago

I just discovered a clerical error on a lease assignment and I’m looking for any guidance or help I can get.

The earliest document I have is an ORR assignment dated 1969. Four sections are included, one of which was the W2E2.

The next document divided those interests to three different different parties but the section in question was listed as the W2W2.

Oops, that was posted accidentally.

The assignment dated in 1978 divided the holdings of 4 sections to three different parties but lists the one section in question as W2W2 instead of W2E2.

As these things happen, my FIL was one of the parties listed in the 1978 assignment. He transferred ownership to his company, that company changed its name, he died, my husband retired and dissolved the company and assigned all its holdings to 3 remaining stockholders.

A new producer is sending checks to the long-dissolved company because they are interpreting that company as the owner of a percentage of W2E2.

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