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I have been a "Lurker" since mid January when we received an offer on forgotten rights. My thanks to the professionals who give freely of their advice and the members who raise questions I haven't thought of.

In 1954 my grandfather purchased rights in Weld County. An ESER search shows lease activity in 1982 & 89. My grandfather died in "82 in IL, with a probated estate and no mention of the rights, my grandmother passed away in "87, with no mention of the rights, my father is an only child. In January Noble offered a lease and dad accepted. I have called the county and know there is no record of the death/s or title transfer yet Noble issued a 5 yr. lease, and paid the lease terms. Dad has a living Trust and we want to move these rights into it, with a clear title. I have gotten 4-5 different ways or ideas to do this and my brain feels like a "well head" right now. Any guidance would be helpful.

Thanking you in advance, John Davids

No. I was only able to get this date from Heritage Title.

Mr. Morgan,

Thanks for your input. Perhaps additional information would help clarify. The "82, 5 year lease was issued by St. Michael, in my fathers name, the "89, issued by Petroleum Energy- same terms and in his sole name. When looking through the ESER at the same lease periods was my grandfathers brother in law, for different coordinates ie: section 24N/E4 & 23E/2, etc for equal gross acres of 800 each. Even with Google I cannot locate these distant relatives, and Noble can't disclose the information. I completely understand their position in regards to the investments they have made. We are not looking to get rich, of 800 acres we have 10.21 net acres and ownership of 3.3992%. I would like to clean up the matter now as my father is an only child and I have 5 siblings, my thought is it's easier to transfer to one name/ trust than involve 6 people in probate or division of assets. Additional comments are welcome with thanks.


J S Morgan said:

I my career as a landman I have seen leases signed by people who really want to believe they were willed rights.

A title opinion proves ownership. Oil companies do them after they lease and prior to drilling AFE's are released to engineering.

Don't spend the money yet.

JS Morgan

retired landman

John Davids, recorded leases are public record. I don't know if Weld county recorders office has an online resource but you might check for leases/contact information if they do. Option 2, you may be able to get contact information for these distant relatives from the prior leases if you find someone to look for you.