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Thanks CA Hawkins glad you have you on Clay County Discussion Group Tell everyone in Clay County to join us.

Welcome to our group in Clay County, Tx Glad to see the new permits.

Hello to all, Steve Mabry / Garland / I have a Tract that is a bit confusing . It sties all of Block 11 of the freestone county Land survey , however it notes the Z.N. Morrell survey containing 141 acres in Clay county is this possible

Suggest you call Clay County Abstract & Title in Henrietta Maybe they can help you. Welcome to the Clay Co Group

Same sort of problem. A legal that is Block 10 of Raymond Daily Survey, but I cannot find any Raymond Daily Survey on the plat map that is on line (

Try spelling it “Raymond Dayly”. I found it on 1869 survey map spelled that way. All current leases I have seen do use the spelling you used.

Need input concerning current lease signing bonuses and royalty rates in Clay. Considering a lease now in the Wood County Land Survey and the Raymond Dayly survey. Offered a lot less than recently signed for those in Montague. Probably related to the large difference in activity of the two counties. Could anyone help with relevant data? Thanks.

The Barnett is not a likely candidate in the Clay County region. This is more likely a "conventional" oil play with a vertical hole. The play is more likely to be the sort of conventional reservoir in a geological trap/stratigraphic-structural whatever, not a blanket deposit like the Barnett. Thus the reward is different and the lease offer relates to that companies idea of its potential and risk.

T L,

From January 1, 2014 through October 29, 2014 there have been 4 approved permits for wells targeting the 'Barnett Shale' in Clay County, Texas

1. Scaling Ranch NW Well # 3H/Canan Operating, Inc.

2. Dansby A 1H/Canan Operating, Inc.

3. Hapgood Ranch 4H/Lone Star Land & Energy

4. Hapgood Ranch 5H/Lone Star Land & Energy

Clint Liles


T.L. see attachment for block 10

There is one gas well on block 10 API 077-3119 (1978); on block 11 is a gas well API 077-31351(1979) thus could be looking for gas.

Closest new permit may be in Jack Co. found one that was approx. 4 miles south of you. In Clay Co. it was approx. 6 miles NW (Dear Creek) of you. EOG has a horizontal well about 8 miles North of you understand it is a Barnett but could also be in other formations. Cannon has a horizontal well about 7 miles NE of you some say it is a gas injection into the Barnett. Have no info on signing bonuses.

The very south part of the county has some Barnett, but the bulk of the county isn't very prospective for same is my understanding. If it is a horizontal test, it is likely a Barnett test and if vertical test more likely is after other zones.

I have an opportunity to purchase mineral rights in northern Clay Co. at 125.00 per ac. My minerals are currently in Oklahoma but it seems like a good deal. Any discussion or input from the experts on Clay Co. would be appreciated.

A while back I got a call from a guy wanting to lease my rights in Clay saying we where sitting on a huge helium deposit. Did anyone else get a similar call because I did not hear from him again

I know a group drilling for helium if interested.

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