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i hope it all works for the best.

Recently leased a few mineral acres in Clarke County. What’s going on over there?

Well thay hit sand and Oil and fighting the water,

Where did that happen?

Any other info you could provide? Operator, section township range?

Found some old paperwork relating to past oil and gas lease/exploration in Clarke County. All parties who had an interest are dead. I remember from when I was a child there was a well drilled near Watubbee, then capped off for some reason. Don't know how to get started with resolving this mineral rights issue. Family had full mineral rights.

I think all records,are kept with the countyi hope that might help,

In May we have received a lease offer from Moon & Hines on approximately 300 acres. Their first offer was $35 per net mineral acre for a five year lease with a 3/16 royalty. We didn't accept their offer, and they countered with $50 per net mineral acre with a 1/5 royalty. Since we're in the process of learning more about mineral leases, I don't think we're going to accept their latest either. I'd love to hear what terms others have been offered in Clarke County.

I received $100/acre for 4.44 acres for 3 years and 3/16 royalty.

Thank you, Bill. Would you mind letting me know where your land is in Clarke County? We're in 13-4-15, 14-4-15, 23-4-15 and 24-4-15.

Part of 160 gross acres in sections 12 and 14, township 1, range 14 east.

I understand that seismic surveys have been performed or will be performed from Shubuta up through Quitman. Does anyone know of any wells recently completed or being drilled in the county?

Harold, I just did a quick search through the MSOGB site for permits going back to May of 2012 and found that there are at least 2 wells being drilled in Clarke County: Neo No. 1 in Sec 25 1N 17E being drilled by MeerKat Mississipi LLC & Black Stone 35-16 No. 1 in Sec 35 1N 14E being drilled by Dove Oil. Dove Oil also recently permitted the M.H. Hall 33-16 No. 1 in Sec 33 1N 16E. Wish I knew more.

We have 70 NMA in Clarke Co., situated in T1N-R14 &15E, and just rec'd lease offer today; would like to know the going rate for $bonus and royalty.

Anyone currently leasing in Clarke Co?

My family has not leased in over 3 years. Our last leases were $100.00 per acre and 1/5 override. Minerals are in south west corner of Clarke near Wayne County.

I know. I don't see anything happening in T2N-R18E. Maybe if oil prices keep going up.