Clarke Co., MS leasing

We own minerals in Clarke 1N-14,15 & 16E and recently rec'd lease proposal. Can anyone tell me going lease bonus rate in this area?

From the March 21, 2013 BLM Eastern States Federal lease auction, the following were the winning bids in Clarke County (note, the last number is the lease bonus per acre):

Forest Oil Corp. Clark 3,8-01N-15E 293.20 $ 22.00

Sharon Plomis-Braun Clark 10-02N-14E 79.95 $ 30.00

The most recent Lierle Public Relations Lease Price Report, indicates the range of bonuses for Clarke County as:

Low - $22/acre

High - $150/acre

Most common - $35/ acre

Royalties ranging between 18.75% to 25%

Since I have unleased minerals in Clarke County in 2N 17E and 3N 16E, I will be interested to hear about other leasing activity.