Clareton field - oil and gas leasing

we have been approached in 2017 about a lease in this south central Weston area and would like to know if there are new drilling’s starting and what current rates per acre and royalty % are being offered.

Also some education on determining net acres would be appreciated. This is all new to us.


You need to know the exact property that they want to lease. township, range, section to obtain accurate info of whats happening around you. As for net mineral acres. Let say you and 3 people own equally 100% of the mineral rights to a forty acre piece. That would mean that, you, would have 10 net mineral acres. If I own 1/6th (16.666667%) of 1200 acres that they want to lease, that would be 1200x.16666667= 200.0004 N.M.A.

Thanks kid curry. Looks like we will be getting involved