Civitas closing down well

We own 37.5 acs in Boulder Co Township 1 South, Range 69 West Section 23

This has been under lease back from 1991 and now the lease is owned by CIVITAS Resources They are going to close down the well and we are being offered/paid a Shut-in all-inclusive amount of $77.50.

We kind of know where this well is located and it seems to be right next to Boulder Open Space.

Anyone know what is happening with the area, Civitas in the area, oil and gas in Boulder, etc?

Civitas themselves would know best, but you are a couple miles west of the nearest horizontals. Extraction, predecessor to Civitas, was pretty active in Broomfield County the past few years. There are some permits in Boulder further north, but the regulatory environment has been rough. Attached is a unit that Crestone, another predecessor to Civitas, was working on a few years ago.

Crestone Proposed Boulder CDP.pdf (474.9 KB)

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