City of Rotan

Can anyone tell me what’s going on around section 169 listed as the North Suburban Addition of the City of Rotan.


Couple of rigs running SW and a few leases taken in last 12 months (grey squares). Not much else net-new.

How did you get the new lease info?

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Thanks for the reply! Can you tell me if that map you have is public record? I don’t know much about these parcels of land that were willed to me! We don’t have this in NJ where I live! I left a message for the County clerk but never heard back. Besides hiring a lawyer which I’m not sure is worth it, I don’t know how to find out much about all this! I have 2 leases out on 2 different tracks is about all I know! Then someone contacted me to purchase the rights to the 2nd land parcel which I declined.

The maps and data are public record it just depends on where you go to get the data. You can find a map with the basic layers through the RRC (rail road commission) of Texas. This should at least help you get started. If you have the deeds or leases you can map out your ownership based on the document.

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