Cimarron 16, 20, 21, 28, 29

I searched and could not find info on these sections in Cimarron Co, OK. We have several inherited interests with all hard copies of records dating back decades from various counties and this is the only county file that has nothing but deed records, not even any old leases. Has there been nothing going on in this county in these sections? (there is activity in the sections in Garvin co but I understand about the meridians and ours are in Cimarron Co which by the way our deed records of title all have it misspelled Cimmarron for some reason!). We have a lot of acreage in those sections, so the lack of activity was perplexing. Would appreciate any insight! Thanks!

You need to include the township and ranges. The section numbers are useless without those.

Ok gotchya! All are in T-3N R-3E

Not much going on up there. The last permit in the township was in 2008 in section 22. No production at this time.

Last leases were in 2007 and 2008 mostly in 15, 16, 21, 22, 27, 28.

Last activity was by Washita Oil and Gas in 2008 in 16, 21, 22, 27 & 28, Mostly spacing and pooling for the well in 22. It was drilled, but dry hole.

If a relative was force pooled, the record of that would not likely show up in the land records. You might want to research case files for the OCC and/or unclaimed property.

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How would I go about finding the value for these mineral rights to possibly sell? - it’s:

An undivided 60 full acres interest in all of Section 16, 20, and 21 and the (section - I’m leaving the NW etc out - it’s long) of 28, and the (section) of 29, all in 3N -3E.

Does this description mean a total of 300 acres (60 in each?) or a total of 60? This is our only interest that has this different sort of wording.

Value- not much since there is not leasing or production. A land man may be able to help with an estimate. A bottom amount is frequently “$1/ac”.

The number of acres depends upon the complete description in the title document. You may also have a term that says something like “a 1/8th interest in 60 acres described as …” Usually, most of us have less than we initially think because we only have a portion of what our ancestor had.

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