Cheyenne and Lincoln County, CO Activity

I'd like to hear the latest scuttle butt about proposed exploration activity in the subject counties. I have minerals in Cheyenne County and opportunity in Lincoln and would like to learn what's up in those areas. Lately, I've heard a few rumors about upcoming activity. It's been my experience that oil patch rumors travel quickly and with each party they pass through, something is added or deleted. Past experience has proven to put me on the tail end of most of these tales and by that time barn burner wells are in production and bonuses are in the thousands and guarantees abound. Before I get too excited I'd like to hear from someone with interests there. Let me know.

Al La Selle

Al- go to "GROUPS" and then click on "County Groups". Scroll down to the Colorado Counties and you will find some scuttle butt. -BB

Thanks Brittany. I've done that and it sounds like everyone knows about the same as me. I'll continue to gather information from the sources I have and since I'm now on this forum I'll post what I think is relevant to the pertinent topics and pertinent to the relevant topics.

Al La Selle

Sounds good Al. I'm hopeful about those areas as well. I'm hopeful an operator comes through and finds a big oil and gas play!

I have to offer a caution regarding the advice that you join a group which will negotiate lease terms for you: there is no guarantee that joining a group will get you better lease terms. It might, but I have seen lawyers represent groups of land/mineral owners, negotiate leases on behalf of the owners, and the lawyers earned huge fees and bonuses for quickly negotiating lease terms which were substantially inferior to what other mineral owners obtained by waiting a couple of months, with no group representation. You can't just assume that anyone is acting in your interest.

If you are fortunate and find the right group leadership, you may benefit. But if you find the wrong group, you can be taken to the cleaners. If you join a group, make sure you check them out as best you can, and require full disclosure of their interests in the transaction, direct or indirect. For instance, a group may have a private deal with the oil and gas company to earn some extra interests in any wells for bringing leases to the oil and gas company. Make sure they state in writing that they have no conflicts of interest, and that you can get out of the group if you choose. The same holds true if you hire a lawyer to represent you. You might pick a winner, and you might not. There is no substitute for watching out for your own interests, and for carefully monitoring anyone that you have represent you.

Jordan stevens frazier said:


If you own mineral in either Cheyenne and Kiowa counties and have not leased to date and interested in joining our group, please feel free to email through this blog and I will introduce. Some of the benefits to joining include.....

1. Joining our group is free and no obligation--if anyone is not satisfied with progress or wants to break off and lease on their own, they are free to do so at any time. Your own land is part of the group and you perform a valuable service for free.
2. It has been proven that groups that band together with larger acreage get better offers.
3. You are now representing many owners, including a profession mineral land ownership company that itself has had extensive experience leasing all over the country, and which sees the benefit of joint collaboration.
4. By joining the group, a member gets the benefit of almost daily emails as to relevant events.
5. As the oil companies know, there is strength in numbers but lack of information yields cheap leases.

Wow Jordan, I just read that article from bloomberg! That makes me very hopeful for all areas... Lincoln, Kiowa, Kit Carson, etc... I wonder how many counties that Cherokee shale covers? Hopefully this play continues to grow!!